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Scarbrough Animal Hospital in Sunrise, FL

Cat Grooming

Just like dogs, cats can benefit from regular grooming treatments. Keep your cat happy, healthy, and irritation-free with our grooming services.


Every cat is different and therefore has different needs when it comes to grooming. In general, your cat will benefit from regular brushing to remove any loose hairs and dead skin cells, to rid the coat of debris and external parasites, and to disseminate skin oils that form along the hair shafts. How often your cat needs additional, professional grooming services will depend on their particular coat type, age, general health, and daily routines.

Grooming Services

Our knowledgeable veterinary team is happy to recommend you the best tools to use for your cat’s coat type. If your cat suffers from any allergies, our veterinarian may prescribe regular bathing as a part of their treatment plan. Please notify us of any special needs your cat may have, such as specific shampoos, and bring any such products with you to your grooming appointment.

We request that you schedule your cat’s appointment in advance, especially during the warmer summer months and near the holiday seasons.

For cats, we are pleased to offer the following services:

  • General Grooming Services

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Anal Gland Expressing

  • Bathing

  • Coat Brushing

  • Shearing or Shave Down (Under Sedation)